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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We advise clients in a variety of operations, such as acquisitions and sales of private companies, publicly-quoted companies, assets; public offerings for the acquisition of shares; private equity, venture capital, growth investment and search fund investment transactions, from negotiation to drafting of contracts and completion of the transaction; corporate restructuring and business combinations (mergers, splits and incorporations), in addition to mezzanine operations, estate and succession planning, preparation of corporate documents (by-laws, minutes, shareholders’ agreements, articles of incorporation and others), participation in general meetings and shareholders’ meetings; and corporate governance services for boards of directors.

We monitor our clients’ corporate vehicles on a daily basis and take care of all necessary corporate compliance. The work we do in corporate and M&A for our clients is based on the best use of the corporate legislation, as well as of the rules applicable to public and private companies, supported by the extensive experience of our team.